The PS33 PTA Executive Board relies on committees of parents to help plan and run numerous events and efforts throughout the year. Some committees focus on a particular event or activity; others work on broader efforts to support the school.

Many committees are small and newly formed and need your help, enthusiasm, effort and ideas! Contact the Membership Secretary ( to find out how to join or run a committee that suits your interests.

Concessions Committee: This group helps gather and sell delicious treats for our holiday bake sales and organizes concession sales at school events. Contact: - Attention Concessions Committee

Hospitality Committee: Strengthening ties in our school community is an important part of the PTA’s mission. The Hospitality Committee hosts events like the Parents Social, Breakfast in the Garden, Movie Night, Teacher Appreciation events and Family Fitness nights. Contact: - Attention Hospitality Committee

Fundraising Committee: Our fundraising committee reaches out to our school community, corporations, local businesses, and others to bring needed funds to our school. From coin drives to corporate gifts, the committee seeks to encourage giving at every level in order to build 100% participation in our school community. Contact: - Attention Fundraising Committee

Gala Committee: This group plans the Friends of PS 33 Annual Gala, the biggest fundraiser of the year, and solicits items for auction. This event is held in the spring. Contact: - Attention Gala Committee

Graduation Committee: This committee helps organize graduation events for our 5th graders, including the end-of-year dance party (prom). Contact: - Attention Graduation Committee

Grant Writing Committee: Foundations, corporations, and other groups offer a myriad grants to support communities and education. The grants committee works with the principal and teachers to apply for grants that support both individual classroom needs as well as broader projects that inspire learning, empower students, and improve our school facilities. Contact: - Attention Grant Writing Commitee

Green Committee: Dedicated to connecting our children and the entire school community to the environment in a positive way, the Green Committee helps maintain the school gardens and works with teachers and the administration to support environmental education and sustainable practices in school. Contact: - Attention Green Committee

Multicultural Dinner Committee: A long-standing PS33 tradition, the Multicultural Dinner celebrates the diversity of our school community with a potluck feast! The committee coordinates this November multi-night event of food, fun, and families. Contact: - Attention Multicultural Dinner Committee

Picture Day Committee: Shoot 600 portraits in two days? It takes a committee to make this happen! Picture Day committee members make sure the Picture Day process goes smoothly and that our kids are camera ready on their big day in the fall. Contact: - Attention Picture Day Committee