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2016-2017 Annual Fund

WHAT is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a funding source to provide the extra support and enrichment programs that help our children academically, creatively and emotionally thrive. The Annual Fund is composed of donations made by PS 33 families & corporate matches and will make up a large percentage of the annual PTA budget for the year. We hold other Fundraising events such as the Spring Gala, which raises money for our Third Street Music programs and Choral and Instrument Lessons for every K-5 student. For the 2016/2017 academic year, our goal is to raise $120,000, or $20,000 per grade.

WHY is the Annual Fund crucial to our children’s education?

Without your support, PS 33 would be a very different place. The vast majority of funds the NYC Department of Education allocates to each school provides only basic educational and capital needs. Furthermore every year the city struggles with significant budget shortfalls. The Annual Fund assists in providing a well-rounded education that includes athletics, theater, dance, science and the arts. Here are examples of programs funded by the Annual Fund last year:

  1. Technology: Laptops and Printers for Every Classroom and Technology for Every Teacher
  2. Asphalt Green & E3 Sports: Recess Coaches for Every Day of the Week for Every Student
  3. State Exam Test Prep for All 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Students
  4. School-wide Chess Program and Chess team support & Coaching (We are national Champions)
  5. Supplies & Classroom Resources for Art, Spanish & Science
  6. Support for the Annual Science Fair, Student Talent Show, Field Day, Holiday & Spring Concerts
  7. Support for Community Events: Fall-o-ween Festival, Multicultural Night, Hitting the High Notes Gala & Community Day Carnival
  8. Support for Green Team, Hydroponics & Green School Garden Initiative
  9. Support for Teachers & Staff: Welcome Back Breakfast, Teacher Appreciation Week, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  10. Support for 5th Grade Graduation, Class Field Trip & Student Social
  11. Center for Architecture Program for 2nd Grade

HOW MUCH should I give?

The recommended tax-deductible donation is $1500 per child. But this “recommended” donation is just that — a recommendation. Please give what you can and consider giving more than $500 if your means allows. Our goal is for every PS33 family to participate at any level resulting in the school’s 100% participation. We need your support to meet our budgeted expenses and to help increase the school’s participation rate, which will consequently make PS33 a better candidate for grant proposals. Annual Fund participation is a characteristic that family-body organizations and politicians look for when deciding where to allocate grant money.

HOW can I make my contribution?

Complete this contribution form and return the form to the PTA office. Checks, money order and credit cards are preferred method of payment. Online donations can be made at

CAN I get a corporate match from my employer?

YES. If your employer has matching gift program, please be sure to request a match. We would be happy to fill out any forms required.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss making a pledge, please contact Nerissa Hochenberg, Fundraising Chair, at

  • Chelsea Prep PTA Inc. is registered under NY as a not-for-profit tax exempt status under IRS Section No. 501(c)(3). Your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.
  • Your donation impacts every child and allows the PTA to contribute to the excellent programs, resources, and enrichment that PS33 offers.
  • The suggested donation per child is $1,500 in general, however, ANY amount is welcome and very much appreciated!

Note: Based on Chancellor’s regulations on Financial Record keeping, PTA may not offer reimbursements or refunds afterfunds have been collected and deposited (A-660, pg. 31).