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Breakfast & Lunch

PS33 Chelsea Prep strives to be nut-free and although the risk to exposure to nuts and other allergens is always present, we ask families to be allergen aware and supportive to their child’s classmates by providing allergen free lunches and snacks. Breakfast and lunch at PS33 Chelsea Prep take place in our bright and bustling cafeteria. Breakfast is served from 8-8:20 AM. Children then proceed to their class’s assigned table. Parents are not permitted in the cafeteria during breakfast. The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes eat separately from the rest of the school. You may provide lunch for your child or children may purchase lunch from the cafeteria. Our Chef and his friendly staff prepare fresh and healthy meals daily and can make accommodations for children who may have allergies or restricted diets. The menu changes daily.

Snack Time

Each class has their own snack routine; some classes may have a schedule where each parent is assigned a week for which to provide snack, other classrooms may require that each parent supply snack daily for their own child.

Here are some guidelines for providing a school approved snack:

  • Allergies: Please be mindful of nut, dairy, fruit or other allergies that children in your class may have.
  • Healthy: Please choose snacks that are low in fat and with no added sugar. These snacks are meant to give your child that extra energy they need to get through the day. Examples include fresh fruit, vegetables such as carrot sticks, low fat cheese sticks, yogurt squeezies, whole grain crackers, unsweetened applesauce, dried fruit with no added sugar (see also below for some links for additional ideas).
  • Portion: Individually portioned for easy distribution to the class.

Please see here for some additional helpful snack links: